A New Era of Staffing Services is here!

Worldwide TechServices is a global leader in deploying IT services, systems, and resources to the world’s leading technology providers and customers. To address the changes in today’s workplace, Worldwide TechServices is greatly enhancing our Staffing Solutions.Over the past 20 years we’ve . . .

    • Resolved over 25 million service events
    • Deployed thousands of technical resources globally
    • Delivered hundreds of technical projects
    • Received dozens of industry awards and recognitions

    All from 1 company

    . . . and we’re just getting started



Remember the floppy disk?

There are a growing number of people entering the workforce today that do not know of a world without the internet, social media and mobile phones.

Over the last 20 years, the skill sets of the people that develop, manage and use technology have dramatically changed.


So too have the needs of today’s workplace!


Resources that possess unique and very specialized skillsets. Moving from technology generalists to technology specialists.

Resources that are confident, creative and that can embrace change

Staffing options to fit your business needs. Alternatives to just throwing headcount at a problem.

Engineered for Success!

To address the changes in today’s workplace, WWTS has enhanced our capabilities in the area of Staffing Solutions.

Whether you need part-time resource to get you through peak demand, or you need to increase your full-time staff due to growth, our Staffing Solutions can help you quickly find the right resources with the right skillsets.